Ask MetaFilter. This can be fixed, or do I pay for the rest of my life in other words, is there any way?

Ask MetaFilter. This can be fixed, or do I pay for the rest of my life in other words, is there any way?

You graduated school that is high left house prior to the chronilogical age of eighteen. Neither your twelfth grade nor your moms and dads recommended you join, as your relationship with both senior school along with your moms and dads had been notably tumultuous. You did not also understand — literally had no clue — it absolutely was essential until going back to undergrad at age thirty in order to complete your bachelor’s level. You never required Selective Service information for school or employment before. You would, a million times over if you could go back in time and register.

Check out regarding the effects for perhaps maybe perhaps not registering, including ineligibility for university school funding, all federal jobs, numerous state jobs, and much more.

Do any MeFites have knowledge about either (a) completing an training and looking for jobs while being a male that is non-registered (b) being on the reverse side regarding the dining dining dining table and re-instating advantages for non-registered men? It looks like being a male that is non-registered a number of doorways — exactly exactly just just how do you cope? Can it be far better contact the SSS directly, or have the educational funding workplace at college? For school funding officers which could have let non-registered men through, why is a case that is good? Would joining the army waive these charges, and permit such things as economic government and aid jobs once again?

To be clear, i am perhaps maybe perhaps perhaps not trying to skirt the machine, simply hoping to get a feeling of just exactly just what my choices are, and if i’ve any hope of persuading you to definitely I would ike to make an application for educational funding or federal government jobs.

Quite simply, can there be in whatever way this is fixed, or do I pay money for the others of my entire life?

A non-registrant may never be rejected any advantage if they can “show with a preponderance of proof” that their failure to register had not been once you understand and willful. Offer just as much evidence supporting your situation, and also as detail that is much as you are able to. (empasis included)

Yeah, my understanding is the fact that you essentially need certainly to swear on a collection of $holy_book that you’ll. perhaps perhaps maybe perhaps not. register. before they also consider dishing away any effects. I mightn’t sweat it. posted by niles at 8:19 PM on September 21, 2009

My hubby is within the precise boat that is same. He discovered simply months after their 26th birthday celebration he filled out his first FAFSA that he wasn’t registered, when. We are spending money on their training via individual funds and loans that are personal. We made a decision to proceed to Oregon because, unlike many (many?) other states, there are no penalties here (on a continuing state degree, such as for example motorist’s licenses, admission to convey schools, jobs, etc.) for perhaps maybe maybe perhaps not being registered.

We chatted to somebody at SSS about any of it directly after we learned, and fundamentally, if you don’t can show you had been locked up through the last time of one’s seventeenth 12 months until the very first time of one’s twenty-sixth, you can not do just about anything to correct your un-registered status.

For just what it is well well well worth, we delivered a page towards the ACLU you can’t live without a driver’s license) about it a few years back because there are things now tied to being registered that are, in my opinion, basic civil rights (dude,. Additionally it is maybe perhaps perhaps not reasonable that ladies need not register, and so just men are influenced by this issue of perhaps maybe maybe maybe not being registered. ACLU delivered a letter back having said that, in place, wow that actually sucks, we’d no concept, best of luck with this.

Therefore, um, best of luck. You can easily nevertheless live good life, you simply must be a tad bit more careful about some decisions than those who do not have the SSS issue. published by rabbitrabbit at 8:55 PM on 21, 2009 [1 favorite september]

“We chatted to somebody at SSS unless you are able to show you had been locked up through the final time of one’s seventeenth 12 months through to the very first time of one’s twenty-sixth, you can not do just about anything to correct your un-registered status. about any of it directly after we discovered, and essentially,”

This is certainly maybe one of the primary difficulties with bureaucracies, some one can always say “no” and when answering “yes” means “more paperwork for me” that is often the answer that is expected. Simply because one individual in the SSS said “no” plus one individual during the ACLU said “dunno” does not mean that either is real plus it sure does not appear to be it really is.

Have the SSS to produce you bbwdesire profiles having a written dedication of whatever they will or will likely not do them include the phrases “preponderance of evidence” and “knowing and willful” for you now, be sure to have. In the event that written response is still “no”, get communicate with a magistrate that is localor her workplace) to check out whatever they suggest. Write your congresscritter and include a duplicate regarding the SSS determination, explain it was not willful that you didn’t understand your obligation and. Acting as ombudsman between their constituents while the federal federal federal government is a part that is big of any office of A us agent does.

It is not reasonable which isn’t right, but stopping at the”no that is first means you did not decide to try difficult sufficient. posted by fydfyd at 5:10 AM on 22, 2009 september

That is a little off topic, but i can not function as the only 25-year-old here who’s thinking “wait, did we register?”

You should check right here. posted by madcaptenor at 5:18 AM on 22, 2009 [5 favorites september]

I am only a years that are few than you, and feminine. But, that you did not know about registering, here’s where I remember seeing registration cards in Texas, at least (so you can explain how these did not reach you, etc.): – School counselors handed them out, and reminders were made on the PA system some mornings – It was available in Drivers Ed classes outside of the school (private classes) – They were in the Post Offices – They were given out when you tested for your driver’s license – They were mailed to homes – They were in public libraries since you have to show a preponderance of evidence

To not freak you out any more than you are already, but i really believe there may be a 5-year jail phrase and/or $250,000 fine for maybe not registering. If it had been me personally, I would make contact together with your Congressman/woman, and determine exactly what their workplace can perform that will help you. published by Houstonian at 6:13 AM on 22, 2009 september

You should check right right here.

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